Our candles are hand formulated and poured by us in small batches, using 100% natural soy wax and the highest quality fragrance and essential oils we can find.

No synthetics are used in the making of our candles. 


The kitchen candles are available in two fragrances:

BERGAMOT with a touch of Rose, and WEST INDIAN BAY (Allspice). 

The scent is light, they are not meant to eclipse the room but rather,  help neutralise cooking odours.


Our sleep candle is made with the highest quality Italian PARMA VIOLET oil.

This flower has properties that are proven to help relieve tension and anxiety, and improve sleep quality.

All of our candles come in gray, white and black marble tumblers that are reusable. They are selected randomly unless a specfic colour is requested.


We are happy to re-pour when the candle has burned out. £25

We are able to ship within the UK.

Parma Violet Sleep Candle