All of our offerings are easily and quickly reheated at home in the oven, or can be enjoyed just as is.

If you'd like a gorgeous display, feel welcome to bring your bowls and platters to us and we will dress them- just bring them home, and on the table they go. This is easy entertaining.

We are also happy to provide gorgeous boxed lunch options for photo shoots and meetings.

If you have a special request, please don't hesitate to ask. 

We Offer The Following Options for Gatherings

Any of our Composed Seasonal Vegetable Dishes

Low & Slow Big Meaty American Style BBQ Smoked Ribs

Chinese Char Siu Braised Pork Belly

Herby Crackling Topped Porchetta

Lechon Asado (cuban Style braised pork shoulder)

Peruvian Style Roasted Chicken. Coriander Jalapeno Sauce.

Chicken Thigh Cacciatore. Tomato Sauce. Black Olives. Basil. Lemon.

Lobster dressed in tarragon oil, lemon zest, chives, shallots, a touch of mayo and creme fraiche. Brioche buns. 

Ceviche. Plaice. Orange. Lime. Jalapeno. Red Onion. Corn. Radish.

Side of Hot Smoked Salmon

Dorset Crab (White Meat). Sweet Corn. Shallots. Guacamole. Tortilla Chips

Louisiana Whole Unpeeled Shrimp Boil. Old Bay Aioli. Corn on the Cob. Potatoes.

Smoked Shrimp with Home Made Cocktail Sauce


Madeleines By the Dozen

Whole Clementine Almond Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Home Made Cookies

Price On Request